Custom seal-kit

The wrong choice of a gasket (design, dimensions or material) could completely compromise the system in which it is used

It is applied. It is therefore essential to take into account various factors such as temperature, pressure, composition of the fluid

process and the mechanical load it will have to bear. Choosing correctly will help increase the operational life of the

tightness and to reduce system maintenance intervals and related costs.

Duemme Ricambi provides specialized technical support, able to advise and direct customers to

choice of the most suitable solutions. A high level of experience allows us to design and manufacture a complete range of seals,

with the best quality compounds, with extremely fast delivery. We can produce rod and piston seals,

scrapers, rotary shaft seals, guide rings, o-rings, static and dynamic seals.

The production methods and the quality of the materials used make our gaskets a reliable and long-lasting product.

seal kit
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